Crown and bridge work in Peterborough

Cover your damaged or weak tooth with a dental crown that has the similar shape and contour of your natural teeth.

Dental crowns are recommended for:

Protecting weak teeth from fracturing | Attaching a bridge between two teeth | Covering a tooth that had a root canal treatment | Covering a discoloured, damaged or poorly shaped tooth

Crown work

A dental crown is used to cover a damaged tooth. In addition to strengthening the damaged tooth, the crown also helps to improve its appearance, alignment and shape. It is also sometimes known as ‘cap’. When you want to protect your weak tooth from fracturing, or you need to cover a discoloured or poorly shaped tooth, a dental crown is your ideal option. Call Mace Dental Surgery for more details

Bridge work

A bridge is a replacement tooth or teeth that fill the space where one or more teeth are missing. It helps to restore your bite, and your ability to talk easily. Bridges are usually made of a precious metal with porcelain bonded to it to make it look similar to your natural teeth. We also offer other types of bridges.